i've finally gotten around to writing my first blog on here! yippee!!! i'm looking forward to writing more here about me, my life, my favourite things, and much more!

for now, let me quickly reintroduce myself. hi! my name is Matcha! i use they/he pronouns and i am a cyber-bat that lives in your PC! i'm an artist, streamer, and silly little guy! i love video games, art, horror, weed, snacks, and lots of other weird things. i also love making friends, so feel free to reach out to me! chatting is fun!

SO... I'M SICK. :/

i honestly don't have a lot to write about right now tbh, as i'm sick with covid 🙃 i'm slowly feeling better, but still not 100%! i can't wait to get back to working on art and streaming! i miss all my bobats ;w;

what do i do when i'm sick? well, i drink a lot of fluids, for one. apple juice, sprite, tang, water, and tea have been saving my life. i also spend a lot of time resting in bed and, if i'm feeling up to it, i like spending time with friends on discord! if my throat isn't too sore, it's really nice to chat and smile with my good buddies :) i also watch a lot of youtube when i'm sick, hehe. any good video essay recommendations? leave em in my chat or check out my guestbook!


i think that's all the energy i have for today. thank you so much for reading my first blog entry! i had a good time writing it and i hope you enjoyed reading it!

in the future, i'd like to write about some of my thoughts on my favourite video games or anime, funny stories that i have, or things i've learned! i hope you continue reading and i look forward to the future!

take care and have a wonderful day!

i'll leave you with this dope commission i got back from flowercats__!